Female Sober Living Home

Aspired, Inc. is a 501c3  nonprofit organization located in West Bend, WI. We are the only female sober living home in Washington County. Our home has 6 beds available for women who want to enhance their journey of continued sobriety.

Many people relapse during the transition from rehab to home. Sober living homes greatly reduce the risk of relapse. The clients can ease their way back into normal life with continued support from people who share their goals through peer support. There is a wealth of resources available to those who stay in sober living homes. Those who live in sober living homes are less likely to suffer from loneliness and boredom. Here at Aspired, Inc., we hold our clients accountable while helping them build a social network with others in recovery and to find new hobbies to compliment their sober lifestyle.

Aspired, Inc. Board of Directors

Tristan Twitty, President
Jodi Liddicoat, Secretary
Miranda Zeitler, Treasurer
Ali Krueger, Executive Board Member
Melissa Twitty, Executive Director